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Porsche Greenwich Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

J.R. | CT | 2018-02-13

Robert Duggan is fantastic in all respects! My recent purchase was my second Porsche. I bought the first from Robert, and I specifically sought him out for

the second/recent purchase. I’ll seek out Robert Duggan for my next Porsche purchases as well!

D.E. | CT | 2018-02-13

 I recently leased a wonderful new Porsche Macan S from New Country Porsche in Greenwich and I could not be happier with the car and the people that I dealt with.  Aldo Camara sold me the car and he spent a great deal of time going over all of the options available so that when I made my choice  I knew that I had the car that I wanted.  Aldo also took great care in explaining all of the technical aspects of the car before I drove it home so that I was comfortable with exactly how things worked.  Everyone at the dealership was gracious and did their best to make sure all went smoothly and that I was a happy customer. Positive experience all the way around!

W.G. | NY | 2017-10-01

I shopped for all makes and models. The Porsche Macan far surpassed everything on the market for style, reliability, craftsmanship and performance. he

Macan also fit my lifestyle needs and price range.

I am very please with my purchase experience. I am most happy with the kindness and professionalism of the Porsche/New Country staff.

K.D. | CT | 2017-10-01

I walked into the dealership planning to order a Macan for next spring delivery and ended up buying one from inventory. I'm so happy I did - the car is such a delight to drive. Patrizio was amazing - not pushy at all and just wanted me to be happy with my decision. He made me feel like he just wanted to do what was best for me.

I definitely trust him and will buy my future Porsches from him!

My husband previously owned a 911 and was always extremely pleased with his experience at this dealership - his recommendation is why I visited New Country in the first place.

V.A. | NY | 2017-10-01

I had a great experience - start to finish. The New Country team is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I received calls after each experience to check-in with me and determine if I had additional questions. And any time I emailed questions, the finance manager Noah, or the salesman Matthew responded right away.

This is my 5 vehicle being financed and/or leased, and start to finish this experience was hands down the best.

Shan Khan | New York | 2016-11-12

Manager Sajjad Bhuiyan was a complete professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend to friends/family/colleagues etc!

Morad Tareky | New Jersey | 2016-11-25

After searching for a car for 6 months, I was lucky to find Karina Zaleska! She was well versed in the car I purchased, made the purchase process fast and convenient, and I didn’t feel pressured. Generally when you have to go out looking to buy a car you feel sick to your stomach, but not here. I genuinely felt relieved when I met Karina, and knew that I was walking out with a car after speaking with her for a couple of minutes. I highly recommend you purchase your next car from Karina, I can keep going on how happy I am with the car and the service.

MM | CT | 2016-08-04

Great process. My wife and I were extremely pleased with "the people" as much as "the product.

PM | NJ | 2016-06-25

I could not have been any happier with the experience with my salesperson, Aldo Camara. I purchase many high end vehicles and I can honestly say that Aldowas one of the best and most professional individuals with which I have ever transacted. He was knowledgeable, friendly, communicative, respectful andflexible throughout my entire process.

I highly recommend New Country Porsche and especially Aldo - he will certainly have my business going forward!

Mary Dwyer | Connecticut | 2016-03-09

We worked with Matthew and the rest of the staff; it was a smooth process. They were very friendly and helpful. thank you very much.

Bennett G. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Aldo and Noah are very professional. Enjoyed working with them."


Richard D. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim, my service advisor, was outstanding. He was very complete in his discussions with me regarding service and was easy to reach. Jim also returned calls and did not rush me off the phone. He recommended some needed work and it was done very well."

Tyson M. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Gilbert has been really great. He was able to work with me and get me the vehicle I wanted even when he was on training in Utah for Porsche."

Robert D. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Patrizio and Noah were a pleasure to do business with."


Adnan A. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Patrizio was superb!"


Nancy B. | CT | 2016-01-08

I had been reluctant to ever replace my 2008 Cayenne S because I loved it so much...but after a general service that highlighted expensive repairs that were no longer covered by warranty, it seemed sensible to purchase a new one. Rich Delmasio and Todd Bullock located and were able to secure a 2014 Cayenne SUV from another dealer...that I now love as much, if not more, than the 2008. Never thought this to be possible. This car is so smooooooth and facile. Also I need to give credit to Noah Davis for his ability to put contracts together at warp speed with accuracy. I have grown to like New Coutnry Porsche of Greenwich. No survey would be complete without mentioning Jim and Rafael? in service, as well as Sharon at the front desk. Thanks so much!!!"

John T. | CT | 2016-01-08

"i have been in the auto business for over 40 years and a new car dealer for over 30 years and mr. torregiani was the most knowledgeable,polite and patient as well as courteous salesperson i have ever dealt with. he made the purchasing of my FIRST CAR IN 40 YEARS a pleasurable experience! i will be back to see him for another porsche very soon and recommend him to anyone i encounter looking for a porsche."

Victor | CT | 2016-01-08

"Personalized approach and consideration were terrific in the service dept. of New Country Porsche of Greenwich!"

Paul T. | CT | 2016-01-08

"beautiful car. great all-around experience. fantastic performance for a V8. New Country are a top-notch bunch."

Kimberly G. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Gilbert Castellon is by a long shot the most wonderful, honest, patient, kind salesman that I have ever had the pleasure of working with through my many years of car ownership. He helped me to build a car that was right for me without imposing himself or pushing, like a "car salesman" usually does. I knew that the car that I drove away with was all about me and my needs and not his or his sales quotas. He was patient with my questions, decision making process and most of all he genuinely shared in my joy in becoming an owner of a Porsche. He was exactly the kind of salesman that makes you feel great about paying so much money for something because he knows you'll love it & he is confident, without making a hard/long-winded pitch, in the value of the product he represents. He should be your role model for salesman nationwide. The car is extraordinary unto itself, but with a salesman like Gilbert, there to celebrate it with you- now that makes for a unique 

Trina | CT | 2016-01-08

"The customer experience at New Country Porsche of Greenwich was superlative, as it should be. So Happy!"

Susan C. | CT | 2016-01-08

"The reason why I would you likely buy another Porsche in the future, is because I'm very pleased with drive, design and service at New Country."

D. Smith | CT | 2016-01-08

"The Service Staff, notably Jim Kennel, are very professional. They are taking great care of my 911."

Anthony R. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Patrizio is the reason I come back to New Country!"


Tom and Debra | CT | 2016-01-08

"Rich Delmazzio from New Country really made our buying experience a positive one. When purchasing a very expensive car over the internet, you need a professional salesperson like Rich to represent you and the car in an open, honest and responsive manner. This made a huge difference when purchasing our new Porsche and shipping it 1200 miles. Rich had great follow-up and was always available to answer questions and go over details throughout the buying process. I would highly recommend working with Rich."

Ian Rogers | Connecticut | 2016-06-11

Bill, Noah and the whole team at Greenwich were tremendous. I purchased a CPO 911 Turbo S Cab and the whole buying experience was a pleasure. They did not pressure sell and the transaction occurred at the speed that I was comfortable with, The follow up from Rick and the CPO team was great. The whole team were honest and the follow up has been great. I have bought a few high performance cars and this was the best experience by far. Thank you!

Rob D. | CT | 2016-01-05

"I just wanted to reach out to all of you and extend my gratitude. It is very difficult buying a car sight unseen, but with the service that you all provided I can honestly say that I would do it again without hesitation if it was from New-Country. I bet I spoke with each of you at least 3-5 times, not to mention numerous emails. Every issue that came up you all handled with a sense of urgency and professionalism. After the car was sold, and money was in hand, you still took care of me like your jobs depended on it. I read a few bad reviews on the internet about New-Country, and I can honestly say that those people must have really been hard to deal with or they were not dealing with the right people. I not only left a stellar review on the survey, but I am also going to leave some reviews online so people know how great of a group of guys you all are. It is hard to find good customer service these days, especially in a car dealership. Please don't lose the passion you all have for what you do as it fits very well. If I am in the need of another car, or if I ever have friends that are looking, I will certainly tell them of my experience."

Al R. | CT | 2016-01-05

"I had the pleasure of working with Patrizio in purchasing my Panamera. He and the entire staff made the entire process effortless and pleasurable. Patrizios product knowledge and professionalism clearly made for a pleasurable buying experience. Thursday, I walked into the dealership and that Saturday I picked up my new car!. The whole process was quick, easy and very professional. Anyone who is in the market for a new or pre-owned Porsche needs to go no further than New Country Porsche of Greenwich."

Jennifer C. | CT | 2016-01-05

"My salesman, Gilbert Castellon, was FANTASTIC! I will recommend him to all my friends and will definitely come back to him for my next Porsche!"

Michael E. | CT | 2016-01-05

"This is the second Porsche I purchased from Patrizio. He was the reason I returned to New Country. I will see him when it is time to replace my 2005 Boxster. Noah Davis was great as well."

Sidney G. | CT | 2016-01-05

Sales person (Patrizio) and business manager (Noah) were extraordinary!"


Kim R. | CT | 2016-01-05

"excellent experience. completely satisfied. love the car."


Kendrew R. | CT | 2016-01-05

"i really appreciate how salesman mr. patrizio and new country porsche of greenwich made me feel at home. i wasn't pressured or bugged to purchase my car like how most dealership do, thanks a million new county porsche of greenwich"

Kerry H. | CT | 2016-01-05

"Loved my Salesperson (Matt Gish). Already recommending him to a friend who bought a car as well."

Caroline L. | CT | 2016-01-05

"our experience at New County Porsche was very good. Our sales person (Matt) was reliable and knowledgeable. and the management was always available."

Louise S. | CT | 2016-01-05

"My salesman (Patrizio) was wonderful, he listened to all my requests and concerns and answered every question in a professional and very helpful manner. I was very lucky to have met him on my first visit. When the sale was completed he spent a great deal of time telling me how to work and use all the different accessories in my new Porsche. This was very much appreciated. He even took the time to introduce me to the Service Manager."

Sheldon K. | CT | 2016-01-05

"Great team of guys. From start to finish, an outstanding experience."

Anthony M. | CT | 2016-01-05

"This is one of Porsche's Flagship Dealerships and it deserves it's great reputation. Patrizio Torregiani has sold me 4 Porsches and he is an outstanding and extremely knowledgeable salesperson. Noah Davis assisted from Business Management and the whole process was seamless."


Marion H. | CT | 2016-01-05

"The entire process was PERFECT!"

Bill B. | CT | 2016-01-05

"This deal was done at New Country because of my salesman Ed, his professionalism, his honesty and his personality. All the men I met at New Country could not have been more friendly and inviting. My wife was very happy with her new car and the delivery process. It's too bad New Country is so far or I would stop by for coffee once and a while."

Mitchel S. | CT | 2016-01-05

"Aldo Camara was a fantastic salesperson. he made the experience amazing and his passion for Porsche is over the top! he kept me informed every step of the way during the period from order to delivery (3+ months). Also is an invaluable asset to both Porsche and New Country."


P.M. | CT | 2016-01-05

"Bill Deichmeister made the purchase of our Cayenne S a pleasure with his knowledge, friendliness and professionalism. I would definitely come back to Bill with any future purchases! The test drive with Bill was also an excellent experience. Noah Davis was great with the business end of our transaction and made everything easy to understand and take care of. Overall, a great experience for my wife and I!"

Pete M. | CT | 2016-01-05

"This is the first Porsche my wife and I purchased and working with Bill Deichmeister was a real pleasure! He was extremely knowledgeable and informative discussing the car we were interested in, and at the same time very friendly and easy going. The test drive we took with him was an excellent experience. He is a pro and answered all our questions. I would definitely go back to Bill with any future purchases. Noah was great on the business end, helping us to navigate the paperwork and documentation. Awesome team!"


AshleyCT | CT | 2016-01-08

"Fred Adler worked hard to make sure I not only was happy with the price but also continued to be of assistance, going above and beyond after the purchase of my car."

xcusemi | CT | 2016-01-08

"Great and honest dealership. Aldo the saleman is a great asset to this dealership!! Spoke with Aldo on the phone (I'm from New Jersey) and because of his responsive, I travel 3 hours to this dealership because of Aldo!!"

Rickstick | CT | 2016-01-08

"Matthew Gish was a pleasure to deal with. He had a comprehensive knowledge of the Macan and was very attentive throughout the entire process. There was a several month wait but Matthew would call me every few weeks to update me with the status of my car. I would recommend Matthew to anyone."


PC4S | CT | 2016-01-08

"If you ask most car consumers, they likely will say that buying a car can sometimes be a painstaking experience. However, that's definitely not the case with the Greenwich Porsche team. The exceptional client experience starts with the moment you work with Sales and extends all the way to the Service team, and much of that has to do with their commitment to ensuring solid communication with the customer. From the moment you buy the car to later on when service is needed, we all want an easy, hassle-free experience. The team in Greenwich made the process simple & straightforward...... exactly what I was looking for. I'd recommend Greenwich New Country Porsche for anyone wanting a team that delivers!"

Marvin | NY | 2016-01-08

Matt was great with excellent follow up. Easy to work with! Very clear in his presentation before and after sale service. Living in NY and buying this car in Connecticut which is not the most convenient combination says it all. I would buy another vehicle from Matt."


Geoff | CT | 2016-01-08

"After dealing with quite a few dealers looking for the right car and having multiple salesmen not return calls, flake out, etc... My sales experience in Greenwich was a stark contrast. Patrizio promptly returned my call, I came down and test drove and purchased same day with zero issues. The price was very competitive. They really went the extra mile even though the Cayenne turbo I purchased was most likely one of the lowest priced vehicles on the lot. Patrizio will be the first I contact when I get enough garage space for a 911!"

Kris | CT | 2016-01-08

"This was my first Porsche and I felt right at home at the dealership. From Sales to Service, my experience was superb........I will be going back and absolutely recommending this dealership to friends...."

Jim S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"I recently bought a certified previously owned Boxster from New Country Porsche. Rich Del Mazzio was my salesman. Having purchased many cars, new and used, over the years I was not prepared for the pampering I as about to receive. The car they had was the car I wanted at a price i was willing to pay. That part was over before I drove into the dealership. But I had never driven the car and needed to make sure I was making the right choice. Rich spent a tremendous amount of time with me showing me and explaining to me every feature the car offered. Giving me insight into what my ownership and driving experience would be like. He introduced me to all of the dealership people I would deb dealing with. By the end of my visit I was ready to buy. But, I decided to sleep on it rather than act impulsively. In other situations thats exactly where the pressure would have been ramped-up. No salesman wants to see a ready customer walk out the door without closing. But Rich could not have been more understanding. When I returned two days later to close the deal Rich took even more time with me. By the time we were done the car was set up for me and I was very confident in my knowledge of its operation. Rich could not have been more helpful! A few days later when I was having difficulty linking my garage door opener to the controller in the car I called Rich. I don't think he was at work, but stayed with me through the whole process until everything worked perfectly. For some sales people it's all over once the deal is done, not with Rich. I know he will be there whenever I need him. This was truly the best customer service experience of my life!"

Bruce and Marla S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"This year we were lucky enough to purchase two Porsche's at two different times. Both times we had Rich DelMazzio as our salesman. He was fantastic. He was patient from the initial test drive all the way thru the delivery. For each car he helped us understand the myriad a la carte Porsche options. We never felt as though he was selling an option that would not be to our benefit. We are thrilled with both of our cars. We bought a car we love and had a first class experience. What else could anyone ask for when buying a car?"

Ken | CT | 2016-01-08

Hands down, the best experience that my wife and I have had a car dealership. The entire staff was extremely personable and attentive. Rich Del Mazzio was our salesman and he went above and beyond. Not only is the Porsche a superb car, but New Country Porsche of Greenwich and their staff are top notch."


Vikas A. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Gilbert Castellon was very patient, knowledgeable and helpful. This is my first Porsche and he was terrific about explaining the features and technology to both my wife and me. He was very responsive to my multiple requests for an earlier delivery of the car."


Elizabeth B. | CT | 2016-01-08

"An overall wonderful experience! My husband and I were extremely impressed by Gilbert Castellon's professionalism. He was very informative and patient. We walked into this showroom to look and walked out purchasing The Macan!"

Michael O. | CT | 2016-01-08

"New Country's Greenwich service always exceeds my very high expectations. I am a Porsche fanatic and always expect the highest level of quality and service. That is why I use the Greenwich New Country shop. They always make me feel important and is that is why I continually recommend New Country to my car club friends. Thank you: Sharon, Gloria, Jim, Raphael, Steve and the technicians. Well done!"

Joseph R. | CT | 2016-01-08

Yes, Gilbert Castellon, my salesperson was truly exceptional."

Jennifer M. | CT | 2016-01-08

"My salesperson, Patrizio Torregiani, was extremely efficent and a pleasure to work with. I would also like to mention two other Porsche reps that made the client experience favorable. John McElroy (Parts Manager) was extremely responsive, detailed and thorough in questions I had regarding winter tires for the C4S. The most impressive of all, was Jim (Service Manager). The day of my purchase as I was driving off the lot, I noticed the tempertaure gauge in the car was broken.(Not necessarily an issue a new car buyer wants to contend with). However, Jim and his technicians were efficient in ordering & installing the new part. Jim's diligence thereafter to ensure the car was returned to me in pristine condition was very much appreciated. As it happens, my husband and I are now considering purchase of an additional Porsche vehicle, which of course, would be through the New Country Porsche of Greenwich."


Alberto M. | CT | 2016-01-08

"The sales person Aldo Camara is knowledgeable, professional and a real pleasure to deal with"

Gregory D. | CT | 2016-01-08

"The salesperson was the primary reason I purchased this 911. He called as soon as he could match our requirements with a car in inventory"

Robert L. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim and Raphael are great! I am always a satisfied customer when dealing with New Country Porsche both as a car dealer and service department."

Jay B. | CT | 2016-01-08

"My salesperson, Matt, was awesome!"


Allison C. | CT | 2016-01-08

"business manager was very helpful and easy to work with"

Fredrick H. | CT | 2016-01-08

"I have been looking at them recently with the expectation of buying next year but the salesperson was effective and the car fit my parameters."

Richard O. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Fred Adler was courteous/knowledgeable about the product, with good followup"

Joseph S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"My salesperson, Gilbert Castellon, was fantastic. Without him, I would still be trying to find the perfect car."

Robert S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim is amazing. I will wait in order to have him take care of me."

Cari P. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Excellent service after pickup by Rich D - questions promptly answered and issues dealt with."

Steven S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Rich Del Mazzio was an absolute gentleman to work with."


Rania R. | CT | 2016-01-08

My salesperson was fantastic,the new manager was beyond excellent in making my lease come into effect , understanding my needs and previous driving experiences and being extremely cordial ,the finical person was very good very smart in presenting all the aspect of the lease and the needed extra without pushing it on me. All around it was a great experience,basically it made me totally hooked on Porche , addicted to driving it, and didn't think one minute to go to another dealer to compare prices although the opportunity was there , having owned a BMW from another dealer whom I learned as I was at Greenich Audi that he deals with Porche too. But elected not to go for the comparison,so much the experience was great."


Sefton C. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Fred and Sajjay the salespeople were wonderful. A great experience."


Vikash P. | CT | 2016-01-08

"It was an excellent dealership to work with. They came thru with every commitment. Great experience."

Francesca B. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Patrizio was really wonderful from start to finish. We left feeling like we had been very well taken care of and that we got a great car."

Paul C. | CT | 2016-01-08

"While we could have customized a Cayenne to our specifications at another local dealer, we specifically called Rich Del Mazzio back at New Country to confirm that he didn't have an allotment available before we did so. We had had a better sales experience thus far with Rich and preferred to pursue a sale with him. We were in luck that an additional car had been allocated to New Country and we proceeded with the sale through Rich."


Frank S. | CT | 2016-01-08

Both the GM and Pre-owned SM were very courteous and helpful. Both made me feel like I was part of the Porsche family."

Miles R. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Rich DelMazzio and team are fabulous. Exceptionally professional and a pleasure to deal with, from start to finish. Hard to imagine a better car-buying experience!"

Lewis S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Raphael did a great job taking care of me and my car"


Robert P. | CT | 2016-01-08

"as usual, the team in service was great, took the time to explain any issues, and were accomodating."


Robert S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim in Greenwich Service is highly professional."


Kirsten W. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Salesperson Rich DelMazzio is outstanding. Best car purchase experience I have ever had."

Donald R. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim and his service staff are always very helpful and friendly."

Robert P. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Rich was super, starting with a Saturday in the winter (6 months ago) when we chatted and was telling about some of the suspension features, and had me drive a couple of cars back to back for comparison. His patience and help started me thinking about trading in my 911 for a new one, which I did this month."

Gary E. | CT | 2016-01-08

"I was very satisfied with all aspects of buying my Porsche @ New Country. My sales person was Patrizio & was very professional in all aspects of the sale, from my first call to him until I took delivery."

Ricardo Quintero | CT | 2016-01-08

"Aldo Camara is the best! I have bought two Porsches from him at this dealership. He is friendly, professional, and quite knowledgeable on Porsche and its amazing products. A true standard of excellence!"

Joshua R. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Simon was terrific, he was very responsive to my timing needs and very helpful in general."


Manochere A. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim Kennel is one of the best service advisors I have come across. He is honest and trustworthy. His advice is always practical and he is one of the few sales type people I listen to. I rate him very highly."

Kimberly G. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Sales Associate Gilbert Castellon did a fantastic job in all respects and was a pleasure to work with, making this my most pleasant car purchase experience ever."


Ann-Marie C. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim has been my service coordinator for years. It truly is the reason I specifically choose New Country Porsche. Always a smile, always thoughtful and thorough with his explanation of any work that needs to be completed. Jim remembers all the details that matter personally and professionally, asking after my boys that he has seen grow up over the years. What an exceptional and valuable asset to your dealership."

Tim R. | CT | 2016-01-08

My first service visit, very positive experience."

Michael O. | CT | 2016-01-08

"For the question above: "I have one preferred person at New Country Porsche of Greenwich who takes care of all my issues and needs." Every person at New Country treats me with respect, knowledge, really cares about providing an experience that always exceeds my high expectations. I say that 'cause I am a car fanatic, owned various Porsches for many decades, and with the service and receptionist along with the sales team is a reason I always return. It allows a car guy like me to always enjoy the Porsche experience"

Peter B. | CT | 2016-01-08

"My sales person, Rich Delmazzio was absolutely fantastic. Great car buying experience from the entire team at New Country Porsche and I have already recommended them to a couple of colleagues in the market for a new car."


Christopher L. | CT | 2016-01-08

"The overall experience was amongst my best car purchasing experiences of my life. This was due in no small part to the professionalism and cordiality of my Salesperson, Aldo Camara. He was so helpful throughout the whole process, which was a very smooth experience from initial contact to picking up the car. I was relieved that the atmosphere at the dealership was very courteous, friendly and without any pretentious air to it. I have had that experience at other manufacturers dealerships that deal with high end cars and I have found that to detract from the buying experience. Everyone I dealt with at the dealership had a great attitude that immediately made me feel that my satisfaction was thier objective."

Doug M. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Noah and Patrizio worked together to make my whole experience a great one. I appreciate everything they did to help me get into the car I was looking for. I can't say enough about both of them.."

Kimberly F. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Aldo Camara is an endearing, enthusiastic Porsche salesman. He is very warm and patient. Never pushy. Has a wonderful sincere disposition. A pleasure to see. Would return to New Country mainly to deal with Aldo only. The people we deal with is more important to us anything else, no matter how much we appreciate Porsche's engineering, it is Aldo's warmth and sincerity that won me over and sealed the deal on my buying the Turbo S for my husband."

Beverly G. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Both Gloria Ramirez and Raphael in Service were terrific!"


Ravi S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim, Sharon and the gentleman who dropped me an picked me were AWESOME!"


Gina F. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Yes! This was my BEST car buying experience ever! My salesperson, Patrizio was amazing and everyone that I met (sales, business and dealership managers) were wonderful! I wanted the 911 Turbo for 18 years! Patrizio made me feel comfortable and confident in purchasing the vehicle- it likely would not have happened without him!"

James S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"The salesman Gilbert Cattalon was extremely gracious and knowledgeable and helpful. Without meaning to engage in hyperbole, I would say that Gilbert was perhaps the most impressive and gracious automotive sales person I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. It was just a pleasure working with him. He made complicated things seem easy."

Lewis S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"I my car needed brakes and some body work. Jim coordinated with body shop and his service department which made my life much easier. The process was quick, seamless and professional. It was also a pleasure to work with Jim who was friendly and kept me informed about the repairs as well as timeline for completion."

Robert C. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Rich was simply the best! Great overall experience and Rich went "above and beyond" to review every aspect of the car, programs, options, service requirements, etc."


James W. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim Kennel (Service desk) and Jack McElroy (Parts manager) were both excellent as usual."

James S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Gilbert Castellon has been the most gracious and helpful sales person I have ever encountered, and I have owned numerous Mercedes, Lexus and BMW vehicles over the years so this is not an uniformed judgment. He was extraordinary and frankly I now own a Porsche Panamera Turbo because of him."

Thomas K. | CT | 2016-01-08

"I felt very comfortable with the process, trust came quickly as the sales person had complete knowledge of the product and options and took the time to review and follow up on all of our questions/concerns."

Michael G. | CT | 2016-01-08

Amazing experience all around. Rich, Noah and the whole team were great."


Brian E. | CT | 2016-01-08

"my salesman Gilbert Castellone was excellent and a real gentleman . He couldn't do enough for me . Great guy ."

Michael O. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Steve Edmond, his service adviser, receptionist and extended staff are always exceptional! I have many quality choices, but New Country is superior for my fanatical needs. It allows the Porsche experience to be more enjoyable, especially when I trust them for all my 3 Porsches."

Cory S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"i have bought at least 10 cars in the past years- and by far, dealing with New Country Porsche has been the best-"

Paul F. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim Kennel, New Country's lead service advisor, is excellent. He is professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. He goes out of his way to help clients, above and beyond the standard."

Elizabeth R. | CT | 2016-01-08

"I am absolutely delighted with the recent service at new country porsche of greenwich. i needed my lowering system adjusted for the sake of my lab. First, i was given a 2014 cayenne with 40 miles on it. Additionally, i was called by raphael to tell me the lowering system wouldl not lower to the level i wished. I asked him if he could "try a little harder" ,if possible, and he readily agreed. The next morning Bill, who was on duty as it was Raphael's day off, called and told me the tech, Chris, had found a way to lower the system according to Porsche regulations The news was great and the cost was more than reasonable. Sure enough it was ready at the end of the day. While I absolutely loved the ride of the 2014 cayenne, (truly spectacular), for today I was just happy to have my Cayenne S back with perfect lowering system adjustments. In addition to Raphael and Bill, I want to thank Sharon who handles much of the paperwork at the front desk very professionally I want to extend a huge thank you to the tech, Chris, who researched the manner in which Porsche permits further lowering to the system and Radamus, who is the one to always make sure the "loaner" has seats heated, seats and mirrors adjusted and so on. I have known him a long time and he is always genuinely kind and caring. Thanks to all again, Elizabeth"

Chris P. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Patrizio Torregiani and Noah Davis were a pleasure to work with!"


Alberto P. | CT | 2016-01-08

"This is the second 911 i buy from new country porsche. Rich Del Mazzio is simply outstanding. I trust him so I will keep coming back to him"


Amy Z. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Gilbert was wonderful. Knowledgable, accommodating, and went above and beyond to help us. We originally test drove the Cayenne with Gilbert in July but decided not to get an AWD- however when we needed another car we immediately called Gilbert as he had made such an excellent first impression back in July. Gilbert quickly found a car that met our specifications and made the entire process smooth and actually easy. Not only will we recommend new country, but specifically Gilbert. He truly is the best."

Graham G. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Perhaps the best new car purchase experience I have ever had!"

George L. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Definitely. My salesperson Gilbert was excellent. He was competent in all aspects of the car, took excessive time to explain everything, and was a complete gentleman. The dealership is very fortunate to have him as a sales consultant."

Paul L. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Excellent experience. Patrizio is great - I am a returning customer (my second car purchased from him at New Country)"

Douglas W. | CT | 2016-01-08

Jim was amazing and went well beyond what was necessary. Called and updated us on the status of car. Most importantly he noticed the inspection was to expire in two days and took care of it for us-that was a huge help. Cant thank him enough."

Heidi M. | CT | 2016-01-08

"The service people are always so courteous and helpful"


Michael R. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Gilbert Castellon, our sales representative, did an outstanding job of presenting and explaining the operation of our vehicle"

Bruce S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"My experience with Rich DelMazzio (sales) was a revelation in terms of the process of my inquiring about the auto, negotiating the price and finally planning the logistics of the vehicle delivery to us. The dealership should feel fortunate in having someone of this quality representing their dealership."

Christopher A. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Rich Delmazzio very helpful and professional. Roland in service also helpful."


Denis B. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Gilbert Castellon made my buying experience an excellent one. He had the rare perfect combination of professionalism, wit and follow through seldom found in the workplace anymore. I would recommend New Country Porsche of Greenwich to any of my friends thinking about their next lease/purchase. Best,"

Henry Z. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Overall they were very responsive, knowledgeable, helpful and efficient."

Eric S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Patrizio was a very attentive salesman. He was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and engaging. A quick story, I was to pick up my new car on a day it was forecasted to rain. I emailed Patricio and joked saying who is going to drive along side of me to keep my new porsche clean. The day of delivery it was raining, and when we went through the car he gave my aq porsche umbrella as a gift/joke. He made it fun even though my spotless car was going to be dirty the second I left the dealership. THis also showed he was listening and responsive to my concern, even though there was nothing he could do ablout it."

Paul B. | CT | 2016-01-08

"My salesman, Mathew Gish, made every effort to get me a vehicle that matched my specs and price point."

Bernard G. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Aldo Camara is an excellent Porsche salesman. Very knowledgable about the auto and not too aggressive. A joy to work with!"

Timothy E. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Rich Del Mazzio was a pleasure to deal with. We have been BMW owners for our previous 4 vehicles and it really was the service we received from Rich that drove the decision to switch to Porsche. We hope to be customers of both Porsche of Greenwich and Rich for many years to come."


Jon C. | CT | 2016-01-08

"I enjoyed their attention to detail, the personal interaction was very comfortable."

Kristina G. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Raphael and Jim treat me like a valued customer with the best car they've seen. They are beyond friendly and helpful. I can't use enough praise to rate them both!"

Brian C. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim Kennel is great. He truly understands my needs and works hard to handle my Porsche cars. Also, Sharon the receptionist is a doll and always tries to help whenever I call."

Leonard G. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim Kennel is a great service advisor. Very professional and always gets the job done as promised."

Harold B. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Excellent support and help with our trade in and purchase of new car"


Scott L. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Patrizio Torregiani is a marvelous sales person on both a professional and personal level. The service personnel are outstanding as well.This my second car, and I'm about to take possession of my third. This is a marvelous place to do business."

Guy V. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Flawless service, particularly when compared with the dealership where I purchased my first Cayenne!"

Eric P. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim was informative and has been great to work with on the few occasions I've needed to bring in my car."


James K. | CT | 2016-01-08

"The people at New Country were great. Todd Bullock, Patrizio and Noah are all great."


Scheherazade J. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Aldo Camara and Noah Davis were most professional and courteous and made my experience a pleasurable one."

Martin H. | CT | 2016-01-08

"A very good experience. I asked if there was a PCA discount and I had a coupon for $50 off that was sent to me, both accepted with a smile. All my questions were answered completely, I brought in old service records from another dealer to assure we were all on the same page - we were. All handled very professionally"

Ray G. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Patrizio is an excellent salesperson. He is extremely knowledgeable and was fully honest with me about my car, and the fact that you had lowered the price, which attracted interest from others (as well as from me, since I felt the price was quite interesting, leading me to buy the car)."

John H. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Aldo is best car salesperson ever dealt with"


Susan S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"spent a lot of time with my salesperson before my purchase and he was only friendly, kind, and knowledgeable!! Very helpful in making the decision on which model would be the best choice for me. His name was Gilbert"

Frank S. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Met Todd last night. Terrific guy. Super dealership. Incredible caterer, awesome buffet- best ever at a club MTG."

Carlton A. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Rich has a unique talent and I am sure you all see that everyday. Rich even came to my house on Friday evening to help program my garage opener for the Cayenne as well as another car. He went beyond what others consider great customer service. I am sure to recommend Rich and your dealership to my friends and colleagues."

Yugo T. | CT | 2016-01-08

"The best service in all my years. I personally commend James Kennel, who understands superb service. This man should win an award for excellence. Jim is the only reason, I keep going back to New Country for both new sales and service for all of my Porsches."

Ben C. | CT | 2016-01-08

"The car is AWESOME! I ready put 400 miles on it tonight just driving it around. It's so beautiful. Thanks a lot for making this so easy. I'll be sure to pass the word to maybe some family members of mine about your good service. Thanks again, Ben"

Tricia K. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim from service was Excellent!!!! Exceeded all expectations. Thank you!"


Ann-Marie C. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim Kennel is always my main point of contact at New Country Porsche of Greenwich. He has proven over the years to be extremely thorough, trustworthy and the reason I return to the dealership to have work done. He takes the time to explain the work needed in detail and follow up regarding costing estimates and final billing. I trust Jim when he provides his opinion of action to be taken to ensure that my car continues to perform...probably why I'm still loving my 2004 Cayenne."

Brian C. | CT | 2016-01-08

"Jim is simply the best."


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